Sunday, January 3, 2016

Jan 3, 2016

Welcome back to the work week, or maybe that should be the work year?

Yes, I know it's Sunday but sometimes you just gotta suck it up and work. In this case work entailed driving from northern Illinois to mid-southern Illinois. A fun, three and a half hour-ish drive through God's country, especially if God prefers a nice flat boring surface. It could be worse I guess...

I could be being chased by wild animals in the African safari keen on eating me for lunch, or dinner depending on the time of day. I'm not really what I would consider to be breakfast food so it would have to be lunch or dinner. I might go for brunch but let's get serious here, do wild animals really designate eating times like brunch anyway?

So to make things a little more interesting not only did I have to drive down here on a Sunday, after being off of work for the past two weeks, I also had to miss my son's play - he played a blue king in the epiphany play for the homeschooling group that we belong to. A cute king he was too, let me tell you. I saw the dress rehearsals yesterday so I know how cute he looks and how well he knows his lines.

Another wrinkle in this whole thing is that my back decided that it would go out while I got out of my car yesterday while going to the dress rehearsal. Wasn't that nice of it. It started out as a dull throb then intensified to a real sharp-I-don't-wanna-move kind of thing. Yeah, no fun. I did get some relief from some pain cream that my loving wife made and then applied to my back, along with some heat and a little bourbon. This morning it wasn't too bad but now as I type this up, I am in a little bit of agony. I do have pain cream and some meds, but no bourbon. I guess this will tell the tale of the tape when it comes to the medicinal qualities of Jim Beam, right? I suspect the four-ish hours driving the car didn't help much.

The things we do for a job, eh?

Oh well, I need sleep, or something where I don't have to move my back.

One last thing... GO BRONCOS!!

Good night y'all!

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