Monday, January 4, 2016

Jan 4, 2016

Back pain is still present, although not as painful - as long as I don't move.

Other than that today was a good day at work, got lots accomplished and then went and got some beer, only because the hard stuff away from home and responsible adults and children is never a good thing.  Guess what kind of beer I got? Go ahead, guess.

Okay fine, you'd never guess it anyway. Heck, I got it and I don't believe it. It is Michelob Ultra Lime Cactus.

Yeah, it tastes about as good as you would think a light beer would taste and according to the label it has natural flavors, never heard of a lime cactus before but I'm not that into botany, or would that be herbology or plantitis - no, not that last one, it isn't even a word.

The best part of the evening was calling home and having my son tell me that he doesn't know what to talk about and that he was going to go and watch Madagascar 2, yep I was trumped by a cartoon sequel about wild animals in the... wild. Oh well, I still got to see his smiling face and blow him kisses, so it's all good.

Have you ever watched Person of Interest? You should. Why? Because it is freaking awesome. It's also on Netflix and if more of you watch it then maybe, just maybe it will get picked up for another season. If not, then well, the bad guys win.

Hmmm. I have run out of things to say or I have completely forgotten what I was going to write so this must be the part where I blow you kisses and say goodnight. Let's all hope that the back feels even better tomorrow, or I might have to jump to an IPA or something worse, a stout.

I kid, I love that stuff, really not.

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