Sunday, January 10, 2016

January 10, 2016

Good thing I don't get paid for my predictions of NFL playoff games...

I got a whopping 25% correct and if it weren't for the actions of a complete moron for Cincinnati, I would have got them all wrong. Maybe I shouldn't pick with my heart. Let's look back....

Game one between Houston and Kansas City, although calling that a game would be a stretch. I picked Houston because, well I'm a Denver Broncos fan and I really really do not like the Chiefs. That's it. If I would have looked at it logically and from a football point of view, I should have noticed that Houston was a pretty bad team and only got in because they won the division, a real weak division. It showed in the "game" though, that's for sure.

Game two was both the best game and the worst. The best because it was very competitive and the Steelers were pretty much walking away with it. The big Ben got hurt and left the game and Cincinnati found a spark and before you knew it they got an interception and had less than two minutes to play. Then.... FUMBLE!!!!! And, Ben Roethlisberger made a valiant return, he couldn't throw the ball very far but the team responded to his return and was on the move. Then, the absolute worse thing to happen to Cincinnati, personal foul followed by another personal foul while the doctors attended to the fallen player. Basically, Cincinnati gave the game to Pittsburgh by the actions of two players that wanted to knock the head off Pittsburgh's best receiver and couldn't handle their tempers. What should have been a long field goal attempt, had the defense held became a chip shot and game-winner for Pittsburgh. This game I got right.

Games three and four were not watched by this blogger because well, he has limited interest in the NFC, sorry. Just know that both road teams won. Seattle won because Minnesota's kicker missed a chip shot field goal to win the game, I wanted Minnesota to win, well let me be honest here, I wanted Seattle to lose. The final game between Washington and Green Bay and I honestly like both teams but was kind of pulling for the Redskins because they hadn't been relevant for a while, whereas Green Bay seems to always be there.

So who am I picking next week? Probably all the home teams to be honest, since they're due. All the road teams won this weekend so, like I said, the home teams are due. My team plays last which always makes me nervous and I feel it puts extra pressure on the lads but I have plenty of confidence in them, even if I have to look away from time to time.

Until next time, peace out!

(no idea why I added that but I did so I must live with it. Editing is for wimps.)

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