Friday, January 15, 2016

January 15, 2016

Snape is dead, of course.

He died while saving the son of the woman he loved for as long as he could remember. Snape is one of my all-time favorite literary characters and I was always fearful that when they made the movies, Snape wouldn't be Snape but some actor trying to convey the character in a manner that they thought would be best and not the way K.K. Rowling intended.

Thank goodness, Alan Rickman was there to play him because he was Snape, to a T.

This past week he passed away after a battle with cancer and I was honestly saddened by that fact. To me, there will never be another actor that can portray Snape as well as he did. Found out that he had a real life similarity to Snape as well, in that he found the woman that he loved at a young age but the similarity ends there because unlike the tragic character of Snape, he spent the rest of his life with her, over fifty years!

May we all be as lucky as Mr. Rickman and be able to find the one we love early and live long together with them.

Another great from over the pond died last week as well, David Bowie. Also from cancer and also at the age of 69. I enjoyed some of his music but I mostly loved the way he handled life with class and while he was Lady Gaga before Lady Gaga, which people say due to his alternative personalities that he shared with the world. Saying that is an insult to David Bowie in my opinion.

Finally, a third icon, of sorts, dies a couple of weeks earlier, just after his 70th birthday also from cancer also from across the pond. Lemmy from the band Motorhead who maybe not as famous as the previous two was famous in his own right.

God bless these gentlemen and their families, you will be missed.

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