Tuesday, January 19, 2016

January 19, 2016

Hey there!

What's up?

How ya doin'?

Well, it looks like today was rock icon "death free" day, so we can all take a sigh of relief there and maybe move on to other things like, why is it so cold in January in Chicago? or why doesn't my car like to start in the cold?

Nah, let's just ramble on about whatever pops up in the old news feed. In this edition, I'll be using my own personal Facebook newsfeed to see if anyone else gets the same stuff I do.

Come on, it'll be FUN!

First up, a friend's post about how much wine to buy this weekend, with a lovely weather map that shows the Baltimore area needed a good 15 cases of wine, whereas the eastern edge of Indiana can make do with just one bottle. The east coast gets all the fun!


Next we have, a pun! A pretty good one too, let me tell you, better yet, let me show you, see picture below - assuming I did it right.

Pretty good stuff there, right?

Next up, one of my son's friends designs, I won't share that picture because I don't have permission to, the above pictures I assume it's all good as they are part of the Facebook joke stream or something. If I'm wrong about that I will find out I am sure.

I have a picture of a friends kid with his friends after playing some indoor soccer.

Another plug for 13 Hours - I get a few of these as of late, must be good.

Here's a good one, a story about how in college, nearly 10%, think that Judge Judy is on the United States Supreme Court. Yeah.

I will end this post with a funny picture, meme, or whatever it is. Because I want you all to leave here smiling. Unless you don't want to. I guess. Have a great night/day!!

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