Wednesday, January 20, 2016

January 20, 2016

So in 366 days we'll have a new President of the United States. (I think that's it since this is a leap year and all)

Some think the country won't last that long.

Others want the man in the office to stick around forever.

Me? I'm really kind of indifferent and not very happy with any of the choices that have been presented so I figure I will find me a nice cave somewhere that has running water, electricity, and excellent internet and just wait out the impending storm.

Seriously, the next 8-9 months are going to be brutal, with everyone promising this and promising that while hoping that no one notices that nothing really changes except the man or woman in charge. Even though they really aren't technically "in charge" since we have three equal but separate branches of government, unless someone changed the rules while I was taking a nap or something.

Of course, we have the executive branch passing laws without going through Congress first. We also have the legislative branch failing to do their job of sending bills up the hill to be signed or vetoed by the President. Finally, the judicial branch that interprets the laws any way they deem right in accordance with their beliefs, which is a pretty sweet gig to get considering you're never elected for it and you keep it until you die.

Wish I had that kind of job security!

No idea where I am going with this except maybe to say that I think our government is a big bloviating sack of pus and it should be trimmed down to a size that is a lot more manageable and a lot less expensive to run.

In the coming days and weeks, I will be giving you my platform of what I think is wrong with the government and you will all laugh at me and ignore me but in the back of your minds, you'll know I'm right.

Or I'll do other shit and forget the government crap for people that get paid too much to worry about that stuff.

I really need to come to the keyboard with a better idea of what I'm going to say I think. This off the cuff stream of consciousness stuff is for the birds. Ha! Who am I kidding, I am an off the cuff stream of consciousness kind of guy, so it is what you will get.

Plus hating government speak too.

Maybe some cute cat pictures as well if they let me.take them.

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