Tuesday, January 5, 2016

January 5, 2016


I've been thinking about titles this morning, mainly titles in regards to these posts. I've been throwing generic dates up there and it seems to be a copout to me, for some reason. Almost like I am insulting my creativity or something.

My issue, I'll figure it out or just keep giving you the date, which will only become a 'problem' if I post more than once a day - don't laugh, it may happen. Really.

Woke up to some frost on the windows, which is annoying but hey I live in the great midwest where we actually have things called winter, although this one has been really mild so far. I say so far because I believe that the current calendar doesn't represent the seasons properly and should be recalibrated. Why do I say this, because it seems like every year the seasons start later than usual, I know that logically my theory is flawed but I like to run with it anyway. Sure it could be because of El Nino or some other meteorological phenomenon but I like my theory.

So how did the calendar get all messed up you ask?  Okay, so you didn't actually ask so maybe I won't tell you and you will have to figure it out all for yourselves. It does have to do with an ancient race of aliens by the way...

Work is progressing nicely and the back pain is abating slowly, ever so slowly. I blame the holidays, they helped me gain a good ten to fifteen pounds I'm sure, and my back just didn't like all that extra burden. Good thing I'm working on that issue again. Wait, maybe that is the ancient aliens fault, they came to me in the form of snickerdoodles and sugar plum surprises.... yeah that's it. Anyway. I am working on walking as much as my back will allow me, that's irony for you, right? My back wants me to lose the weight but won't allow me to walk to do so...

Okay, the program is done, the calibration is over and I must go back to work.


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