Thursday, January 7, 2016

January 7, 2016

Naps are awesome, let's make that statement right from the get-go.

Naps help your body recover from all sorts of ailments, mainly one of fatigue.

Naps really are just a short sleep that the body really seems to enjoy.

Naps after 5 pm are never really a good thing. Especially when the nap last longer than twenty minutes and your body even tells you so by waking you up after said twenty minutes, only for you to push the snooze button on your body and then proceed to get in more nap time.

Naps then become something more akin to an actual sleep and when you do an actual sleep after 5 pm, or 5:30 which may now be the case, your body tends to think, cool, I'm done for the day. Until that fateful moment three hours later when something awakens you and you realize that you just fettered away an afternoon and will probably not get back to a normal sleep until well after midnight.

Naps are awesome. No doubt about it but sleeps in the late afternoon most definitely are not.

The above story may or may not have actually happened to the author on this day, please don't judge. Ha! Screw that! Judge all you want, he deserves it and his restless night of non-sleep, the slacker.

Sweet Dreams!

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