Friday, January 8, 2016

January 8. 2016

It's Friday! 

I have nothing to say which means this will go one of two ways. I will either stop after this paragraph is written; or I will ramble on for another six hundred plus words at the end of which you will either think me brilliant, or crazy. 

I'm here to tell you that I think I'm brilliant, at times and crazy!  Probably more of the latter than the former but we don't need to figure out which exactly at this point in time. 

I should amend my earlier statement about six hundred plus words though as I am typing this out on my iPad and I can sense my finger going numb already. I suspect that I am not alone in this problem, since I think a lot of t of people type on their tablets with one or two fingers only. I am currently just utilizing my right index finger while my left hand holds the tablet steady. If this were coming via my phone I would be utilizing my thumbs I suspect. I bet old Mrs. Greenway never thought her typing classes would evolve into something like this. 

By the way, I have no idea who Mrs Greenway is or if she even taught typing since I never took the class and I don't recall there actually being such a person at Northglenn High School back when I went there, last century. 

That blows my mind. I went to high school last century, I got married last century, four of my seven children were born last century... All I can think about is when I started doing some genealogy for my family and came across a great grandparent that had children born in the eighteen hundreds and nineteen hundreds that it is pretty cool, and I wonder if some future great grandchild of mine will think the same thing about us. 

Cool, right?

So anyone going to the Seattle versus Minnesota football game this weekend? If so, are you crazy? It's going to be COLD! I also can't imagine it being that good of a game but I could be wrong. You want my picks for the games this weekend? Sure, I'll give them to you, I'm not afraid. I think that the Texans will end the Cheifs ten game winning streak while extending their playoff losing streak dating back to... Last century. I also think that the Pittsburgh Steelers will be moving on extending Cincinnati's playoff woes. At least this time they can't blame Andy Dalton since his thumb isn't ready for prime time yet. In the NFC I think the Redskins will squeak by the Packers and the Vikings will hold off the Seahawks to move on on the playoffs. 

So much for not having anything to say. 

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